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Deacon Bob's Homilies


Deacon Bob Cassey's Homilies:


     Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Bob and Peggy Cassey moved to Glen Ellyn with their children in 1994, when Bob took a new job in Chicago. Since that time they have been parishioners at St. Petronille. In 2001 Bob was ordained a deacon for the Diocese of Joliet and got assigned to St. Petronille as his home parish. After a career spent practicing commercial law, Deacon Bob is now retired. In addition to his law degree he has completed graduate studies in sacramental theology at the Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park, Chicago. He has also completed training in the art of spiritual direction, and offers that ministry to a growing number of people.


    In principle the deacons at St. Petronille preach at the weekend Masses for the 2nd and 5th Sundays of the month, but exceptions are made from time to time. This webpage contains the Sunday homilies Deacon Bob has delivered since mid-2016.


    Deacon Bob would be glad to hear your thoughts on his homilies and on any other aspect of his ministry. Please feel free to call him at 630.660.4335 or reach him by email at



2018 Homilies

January 21 3rd Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B: Called To Repentance
February 18 1st Sunday of Lent, Year B: Be My Witnesses!
March 18 5th Sunday of Lent, Year B: I will Make a New Conenant
April 15 3rd Sunday of Easter, Year B: Things Visible & Invisible
April 29 5th Sunday of Easter, Year B: Abide in Jesus
May 20 Pentecost, Year B: Image of God


2017 Homilies:

January 8 Epiphany of the Lord, Year A: The Magi, models of discipleship
January 29 Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: Poverty/Genuine happiness
February 12 Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: Love fullfills the Law
March 12 Second Sunday of Lent, Year A: Transfiguration/Glory
April 9 Palm Sunday, Year A: Self-emptying love
April 30 Third Sunday of Easter, Year A: God is a surprise!
May 14 Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year A: Dwelling Places for You!
June 11 Trinity Sunday, Year A: Mission and Destiny
July 30 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: Mercy vs Judgment
August 13 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: Eyes Fixed on Jesus
Sept. 10 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A: Power to Bind & Loose
Oct. 8 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Gifts to Bear Fruit
Oct 29 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Filling the God-Shaped Hole
Nov. 16 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Good & Faithful Servant
Dec. 17 3rd Sunday of Advent: Time of Fulfillment
Dec. 31 Holy Family: Family as image of the Trinity



2016 Homilies

July 10 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: Good Samaritan
July 31 Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: Thus passes the glory of the world
Aug. 14 Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: The Cost of Discipleship
Sept. 11 Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: Prodigal Father
Oct. 9 Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C: Gratitude runs in one direction only
Oct. 30 Thirty-first Sunday in Ordianary Time, Year C: Zaccheus overcomes greed
Dec. 11 Third Sunday of Advent, Year A: We wait in joyful hope