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St. Petronille Parish Council




St. Petronille

Parish Council for 2018-19







Timothy J. Barder

Every worthwhile and lasting relationship in our lives require effort, meaningul communication and a strong personal commitment.  My attending daily Mass as often as possible, being a member of the Knights of Columbus and now as a member of the Parish Council is just that; to help build strong, committed and closely personal relationships with God and the Parish I am associated with, and to share that joy I feel being involved in these endeavors with those who are also making that same effort and commitment alongside me.

I have been a member of St. Petronille parish for more then 20 years and have a son who, as a Dominican priest, has given me a whole new persepctive on teh needs of a parish and its community. I have a Ph.D in Chemistry and have owned my own company for 20 years and I want to bring my experience, energy and insight to help St. Petronille flourish in the next years and help it reach the goals that it has set for itself.

Bob Hohe

I have been a Parishioner at St. Petronille since 1998.   I am married to Lisa Doyle Hohe for the past 18 years and we have three children who attended and graduated from St. Petronille School.  They are, Katie 17, William 16 and Patrick 15 and they are attending Glenbard West High School.   Lisa is a 5th/6th grade teacher at St. Petronille and she is starting her 2nd year.  By the way, she graduated from St. Petronille and her classmates are about to have a celebration – a 40 year reunion!

I was raised in Glen Ellyn and went to Glenbard West along with 3 other siblings.  Lisa and I love Glen Ellyn and feel honored to raise our children with the opportunity to create so many fun memories.   Some of my past volunteer experiences in St. Petronille Parish include being on the School Board for 3 years (2005-2008) and being responsible for the school financial budgets for 2 of the 3 years.  During my first year as a school board member, I was part of the Alumni and Elections Committees.   I coordinated several Alumni Newsletters with the help of other individuals and recruited candidates to be future leaders as school board members.   I presented the school budgets for 2007 and 2008 to the Parish Finance Committee and participated in several monthly finance committee meetings.

I am very eager to contribute to our church and community as a member of Parish Council.  l am honored to be part of the council, as your Vice President, and excited about the opportunity to help make our parish an even better place for our parishioners to worship and find their sense of community.  I have the desire to serve my Parish for many years and feel strongly that my leadership talents will be quite helpful during the next 3 years.   I am ready to be a part of the Parish Council, and I know that I will be a valuable and productive council member.


Kevin Kayser

Kevin Kayser is entering his first year on Parish Council.  He has been on the Parish Finance Committee for the past four years and he currently serves as the committee chair.  Kevin is an investment portfolio manager with The Northern Trust Company.  He and his wife, Myra, have been Parishioners for the last 11 years and they have two daughters: Karena and Marissa.  Both daughters attend St. Petronille School.


Lisa Mojica

I have been a Parishioner at St. Petronille since 1994 with my husband Mike.   We have five children that have attended St. Petronille School - Evan 23, Thomas, 22, Jonathan, 20, Anna, 15 and Katherine 13. 

I was raised in Elmhurst and attended the University of Notre Dame where I majored in Economics.  We lived briefly in Minnesota before settling into Glen Ellyn in 1994 and I have loved being a part of parish for over 20 years.  I have been involved as a teacher in the Sunday Morning Miracle program and have volunteered extensively at the school.  My leadership roles have included President of CCW, President of the Parent Organization, President of the School Board, President of Benet Academy's Mother's Club and Head Chair of the 2016 Women's Retreat.  I am very eager to contribute to our church and community as a member of Parish Council and am excited about the opportunity to help make our parish an even better place for our parishioners to worship and find community.

Amy Murphy

My husband and I have been parishioners for the past 15 years at St. Petronille.  We have four children, two at St. Pets and two St. Pets graduates that are now at St. Francis High School.  I truly feel St. Petronille is my home away from home.  I enjoy not only going to mass every week, but spending time volunteering and getting to know fellow parishioners.  St. Petronille holds a special place in my heart and I want our parish to thrive and be a place where parishioners feel the way I do…very fortunate to be a part of the St. Petronille family.  I want to give back to our parish the many blessings it has given me over the years.